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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Enrolment Appointment!

I am really sorry, its been a while that I updated my blog! And few more days until I start school, yay! Super hyped up!

So I had to update you guys about my enrolment appoinment! Yes, I did go to my enrolment appointment which was on the 8th of December at 9 am.. I wasn't quite impressed with my selection of time slot since I had to get up super early but thanks to my dad who gave me a ride to York University! Thanks Dad, love you! So i reached school around 8:30.. I am going to include a campus map so you can have an idea of where your enrolment appointment be.

Note: My enrolment appointment was at Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. Depending on your program, your appointment will be at the respective faculty. But if you are a LA&PS new student then you can read the map otherwise, skip it :)!

So if you haven't noticed yet, I was coming from the Finch Avenue towards Keele. Follow the orange Follow Me line and it would lead you to the where I got dropped off. Now you would see a lime green color Follow Me line right after the orange. Just to clarify, orange line stands for me in a car and green line shows how much I had to walk to my building which wasn't much, trust me!

After I got off the car, I just followed the signs on the Campus Walk (which is the green line) and the other thing I had was a Campus Map in my hand which is crucial if this is your first time coming to the university. It was my fourth time and I still carried it around with  me. It is very easy to follow, I didn't get lost on my way to the LA&PS. So I reached there around 8:40, glad that I had made it on time. I went to the reception and they guided me to a room and two people were there already. I introduced myself to both of them, found out one of the girl was in my program. Lovely girl, must say! Then we heard somebody call us in to a small computer lab which was connected to the room, and the person was a student himself who was going to help us enrol in our courses. Oh wait, before we went in there we had to sign off an attendance sheet. I walked in with my new friend ( I think it's right to call her a friend, since we are trying to make the exact same schedule so we get to be together in all of our classes). We sat there, reading our program requirements and trying to understand but it didn't really make any sense until the presentation was given by our coach (the same student who guided us to the lab). He was very helpful and was ready to answer any questions we might have about our program and the degree requirements.

The enrolment appointment was fun, I think I asked probably most questions out of everyone there. Oh yeah, there were approxiametly 8 other people from different programs with us as well.

At the end of the appointment, me and my new friend (Nadia) exchanged numbers so we can stay in touch with each other. I didn't even have to try that hard to make friends at York. She was as nervous as I was until I said Hi to her and soon we found ourselves talking about everything! Women just can't keep their mouth shut :)!

There are some key things which you should do before your appointment:
  1. Carry a campus map with you, no matter how good are you with the directions.
  2. Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.
  3. Have a pen and a notebook with you to jot down key points in there.
  4. Activate your Passport York (It's very easy, just go to and click on Current Students. On the right hand side, you would see a Passport York button,click that and have your stuff ready and activated before you get to your appointment since you would need that to make your timetables).
  5. Just smile and try to make friends, you never know you might find someone from your program like I did.
I will update you on my timetable soon, I am still waiting to get into the classes that I want to. I hope you guys are having a good week and I will see you guys very soon :)

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Friday, 2 December 2011

YU Connect!

"Good Morning, Welcome to York University! Give us a big smile", were the few Students Ambassadors cheering us up in the hallways while guiding us to Vari Hall on the Fall Campus Day 2012. I kept thinking, what do these lovely group of people get out of this by getting up so early and greeting complete strangers, messing up their throats. Well until then, I did not know what Yu Connect was! It is an online hub for York University's co-curricular activities. It is a facility provided by the courtesy of York University to track our out-of-class involvement with the school. And let me tell you, if you need all those jobs, scholarships what-not, you need to be involved in school, and what's better than getting an experience record for every little thing you are doing at York to help the community ;)!

Once you have activated your Passport York, your second stop should be YuConnect. Log in with your username and password that you created with passport York and there you go, sit at home and browse the organizations, events, all at one stop! You can sit at home and even join the organization of your interest from there. Few of them, that sparked my interest were:
The descriptions are compelling me to join in already but I am going to wait until I make my timetable. There are plenty more and oh oh oh!! Did I forget to mention about the university newspaper, Excalibur (their YouTube name is ExcalWeb!). You guys should definitely check out this awesome team if you need any inside updates on school. I have heard if you write five articles for Excalibur and if approved by the editor, they automatically consider you a staff! Isn't that so cool? I am trying to brush up my writing skills for the sake of it.

Guys, my recommendation is to check out YuConnect website and read their blogs! They are written by some fabulous group of students from their experiences. Let me know what do you guys think about the website and getting involved in school?

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Est-ce qu'il neige deja dehors?

I woke up this morning with an excitement thinking Toronto would be covered with the blanket of snow when I get up, but I faced an utter disappointment after pulling the curtains. What? No snow :(! I want to have a snow-fight with my siblings already! I was on a holiday tour last year around this time, so I have not seen snow in about two years. That is the only reason why I am longing to see the snowfall.

As I have told you guys in my earlier post that I have activated my Passport York! I never actually read the offer of Admission letter carefully earlier. Last night, I was going through my papers and wanted to read the offer of Admission again, in case if I missed out on anything. Oh my God! one of the paper had my student number on it. I quickly went on and clicked current student and from there I went to Passport York and activated it. If you guys have recieved your offer of Admission and have accepted the offer already, go activate it! There is a treasure full of information in there and also sign up for the Career website. One of my main goals at school is to get a job on campus, that would help me to build my resume. I have searched for jobs on campus, there are many jobs for you guys! I am going to work on my resume in a while so I can apply for a job, wish my Good Luck :)!

What school gives you a full fledge facility of Career website before your first day of class?Only York University!!
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oh! How I Love The Snow!

The season's first snow has already touched Toronto and it's been freezing ever since then. I am sorry for not blogging for almost four days now (I think!), been extremely busy with work and catching cold isn't a good sign either. I have been in my bed since this evening with a cup of hot chocolate and some oreo cookies to relax my sweet tooth. How are you guys are enjoying this weather, or what ever climate you guys are in? I am sure, some of you guys are still enjoying the warmth of sun.

I went to York University today to update my file which had been quoted as an International Student by mistake. The officials had asked me to visit the campus with my passport and someone would help me right away and get that changed. It was really cold and I had to try very hard to read the map (bad at reading maps!), ended up walking for almost 30 minutes to find Bennett Center for Student Services. The next adventure was to find the Admissions Office, but that didn't take long. I asked almost five people and all of them were very generous to guide me to the right place. Everyone was very helpful and sweet around the campus, it was quite impressive! The Admissions Office was at the third floor and when I came out of the elevator, the reception desk was right infront of it and this lovely lady took only two minutes to resolve this issue. So guys, that issue has been resolved thankfully. I am looking forward to my enrollment appointment now, might get my Yu card the same day as well. I have already activiated my Passport York, so the next time I am at the campus, I can use my iPhone for navigation and would not have to walk that much (I do not have internet on my phone) - Yeah! I am 'cheap' like that. :) Follow YorkYuLife on Twitter

Friday, 25 November 2011

Textbook Rental

Oh my Gosh you guys, it is actually true. If you haven't read my previous post, I was asking if any of you guys know about textbook rental plan York University is offering or it might just be a rumour? No! It is actually 100% true.

You can now rent a book for a semester for a lot less and it started just in 2011. Fairly new plan, but I am sure many students have already been taking the advantage.

You can rent the books here:

But make sure you return them before the due date, you don't want to end up paying the late fee ;)! Let me know how many of you guys would be renting books for upcoming semester? I will raise my hand up, how many of you will?

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